Ways to Make Economy Class Feel like First Class

Ways to Make Economy Class Feel like First Class

Traveling can ultimately be fun and exciting and even with limited budget, you can still have the chance to enjoy ultimate relaxation, modern convenience and of course the best and most comfortable flight experience.

If you want your economy class flight feels like a first class, the following ways can help you indulge with a completely wonderful experience:

  1. Take A Comfy Pillow with You

A comfy and top quality pillow can really make a big difference when traveling most particularly when taking naps during the flight. Rather than looking for specially designed pillows, you can use a comfy pillow that can provide you neck support. Invest on inflatable travel pillows that easily fit in your bag when traveling.

  1. Bring Decent Sleeping Mask

Sleeping masks are proven to be ideal for blocking light and allowing you to have good rest. A sleeping mask is an essential travel accessory and it may be worthwhile investing in good one, even though it may cost you a few bucks more. There are some masks that are not pressing on your eyelids – try to see if you can find some these.

  1. Move Seats

When traveling, always look for free seats. There are instances that entire rows are empty on flights and you have to face it, 3 or 4 seats are better than 1. So how can you really get a better and cheaper flight upgrade? Finding a row of seats is key if you want to experience high life without actually paying for it.

  1. Select the Right Seat

Target the window seat to make sure that you will not encounter frequent toilet goers scrambling over you every now and then. This can be a bit annoying especially during long flights. If you will ask what’s the best seat in a flight, well, this depends on what you are actually looking for.

  1. Use Duty-Free to Give Your Flight a Gastronomic upgrade

Let’s face it: Airplane food is usually not that great but you can buy some treats from Duty-Free what will make your flight feel comfortable (at least gastronomically). These relatively cheap treats can make Economy class feel like First class. However, you need to be aware of the rules.

  1. Buy Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Loud noises can certainly ruin the chance for a peaceful flight so make sure that you are completely prepared. Buy some premium quality noise-cancelling headphones. With these, you can enjoy music or the silence that will make your flight much more comfortable. Buying top quality earplugs or headphones can help you feel that you are in an elusive first-class curtain. Apart from earplugs or earphones, there are also other tech gadgets that you can use to make your travel more luxurious and comfortable as if you are on a first class flight.

  1. Bring Toiletries for Some Self-pampering on the Plane

Bringing some lotions to moist your skin can really make a difference on long flights. Lip balm, toothpaste and toothbrush, lotions and even eye drops can make you feel nice, clean and hydrated.


These tips and tricks may help turning economy class into first class flight experience.