Tips to Make the Airport Less Stressful

Tips to Make the Airport Less Stressful

Here are four quick pieces of advice that will make your time at the airport a bit less stressful.

  1. Know your 3-letter airport code

Luggage destination tags can easily get mixed up when you check in at curbside. Find out the 3-letter airport code for the airport you’re flying into and be sure that your skycap attaches the proper tag. You can use to verify the code for your airport.


  1. Ask about options in your airport

If you happen to be traveling with kids, ask at the information if they have some fun play areas, or other places where the kids can play around.

If you are sick of eating the same old airport food, then ask some of the staff about their favorite places to eat.

If you are traveling on a busy day, then you can always ask security to open up more lines when the wait seems too long. Terminals will sometimes open additional lines during peak hours, so it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Need to work? Ask in the information about good workstations. Most airports offer free WIFI nowadays, so there is no excuse to get some work done while waiting.

  1. Splurge on an afternoon in the club lounge

By getting access to a lounge you can enjoy the uncrowded bathrooms, snacks, and comfortable chairs at most of the airline club lounges. And they let you pay right there on the spot. Read How to Get Access to Airport Lounges to know your options. 

  1. Duty-free shopping

Even though it can be tempting to buy new perfumes, candies, lotions and liquor in the duty-free, it is not all a bargain. Check prices in your local department store or on the Internet before buying to make sure that you get it to the right price. If you have another connection after your security clearance, you have to pay attention to the rules about bringing liquid on the plane, and if it is more than 100mil then you have to put it in your checked bag.