Tips to Help Make Flying more Convenient

Tips to Help Make Flying more Convenient

  1. Separate all in-flight necessities in advance. It’s not fair to block the aisle while everyone is boarding just to hunt down your book or dig out a snack. We suggest that you take a smaller bag and fill it with all the small items you must have with you on the flight. Just toss it on your seat while you get everything else put away.
  2. Stow your carry-on near your seat. You may be tempted to place your carry-on in the first empty bin you see, but that will slow down the deplaning process. Passengers who have no choice but to stow their bags at the back of the plane must go back there just to collect their bags.
  3. Ask for help. If you miss your connecting flight use your cell phone to call your airline’s customer service line. Make sure you have this number handy before leaving home. If you wait in line to rebook with an agent, you will be delayed even further. By phoning, you can speak to someone right away, which gives you a better chance of getting on the next flight out.
  4. Get your dinner on arrival. You’re bound to be hungry when you land so if you want dinner waiting for you when you arrive, just call room service at your hotel from the road.