Plan Your Trip

Plan Your Trip

  1. Understand the difference between ”nonstop” and ”direct” flights.

Select a nonstop flight if you can, because direct flights often touch down at airports along the way to their final destination. While these stops are figured into total travel time, they can certainly cause delays. You do not have to worry about this when you fly nonstop.

  1. You must purchase airline tickets under the exact name printed in your passport or ID

Although it might be obvious to some that Bill is a nickname for William, the security officer whom might ask to see your ID before boarding may not accept this. Many Airlines charge high fee to change the names on a ticket, so make sure to get it right.

  1. Make your seat selection ASAP

People with disabilities or anyone needing a seat in the bulkhead is to explain this to the agent at the time you make your reservation. Do not wait until you are at the airport. Those seats become available to all passengers on the airline’s website 24 hours prior to the flight, making it unlikely that you could nab them at the airport.

  1. Make sure you have complied with all foreign document requirements

You need to be in full compliance with all visa, passport and document requirements if you are traveling. Certain countries require that you have a visa to enter their country. Other countries require anyone entering the country to have a traveler’s passport containing at least two blank pages with no stamps. Most countries have a website with a list of all entrance requirements.