Picking the Best Airplane Seat

What is the Best Airplane Seat?

Things to consider, when selecting the perfect seat on an airplane are: “are you traveling alone? Are you traveling with kids? Are you in a hurry when landing? Do you need to sleep to beat jetlag? Do you need extra legroom?“


What is most safe seat on an airplane?

If safety is a concern for you, then sitting in the back behind the wing, is a good choice. Seats located behind the wing have strong survival crash rates.


The least bumpy ride

Consider sitting above the rings if you want a smoother ride. The rear and front of the plane usually bounce more than seats above the wings.


A more quite flight

Sit as close to the front as you can if you want to tune-out engine noise. If first-row seats aren’t an option, aim for an aisle seat, since window seats are somewhat louder than aisle seats.


Need to sleep on your flight?

Those who travel often claim that off-center windows on the left side are the best areas to get some rest. The center of an airplane means loud bathroom lines won’t wake you up.


Are you in a hurry when landing?

If you sit in the front, you’re likely going to be one of the first passengers to get off the plane. The primary exit door is typically on the left, so travelers usually leave quicker when sitting there.


Need more legroom on your flight?

You’ll generally find more legroom in the exit row seats. As alluring as bulkhead seats are, they may force your legs into cut-outs no more than a foot high.


Flying with children?

Many bulkheads have space for children to sit on the floor, unless your bulkhead row is also the exit row.

Several bulkheads have bassinets for babies, too. The best part is that no one is sitting in front of you. Also, the washroom is close because you’re near the front of the plane.