How to Make The Most of Your Time During an Airport Layover

How to Make The Most of Your Time During an Airport Layover

Flights involving airport layovers may be inconvenient, but they are usually less expensive than flying direct. However, despite the savings, a lot of people would rather pay a higher price just to avoid the wasted time sitting around an airport. It’s very understandable. Waiting hours on end in an airport between flights sounds like torture. And I can’t think of anyone who would choose to extend their travel time any longer than necessary, especially when they’re off to a beachfront cottage in Santorini or a luxury hotel in Paris.

Airport layovers may be a necessary evil, but they don’t have to be a total waste of time while you sit waiting for your holiday to start. With a little imagination you can actually make your layover almost fun, creating some memories in the process. Instead of spending the time playing games on your iPhone or hanging out in the bookstore browsing through magazines, why not try some new dishes by the latest celebrity chefs, get some exercise working out in a fitness center or take a mini-tour of the city?

Go Sightseeing

What’s keeping you locked inside the airport? Nothing! So why not tour the city and kill some time having a little fun? Airports that have fast affordable transport systems to the cities nearby are perfect for having a little sightseeing adventure. Check out the location of your airport ad see if public transportation can take you quickly into the city.

Dine on Gourmet Food

Airports are notoriously filled with fast food eateries but if you do some research online you might be surprised to find airports that actually have eateries offering gourmet cuisine.

Get Your Workout In

If you can manage the stares, why not get a workout in? You can pack your yoga mat so it’s easy to get to, pull it out and get to work on your positions right there in the airport. Spend a few minutes deep breathing, getting yourself centered, and stretching and you’ll feel relaxed and refreshed after a long flight. You can find out on the airport’s website if they have a fitness or yoga area that you can use. Some airports have dedicated yoga rooms and meditation rooms that travelers are welcome to use for free. If the airport you’re in doesn’t have such a facility, a quiet uncrowded corner in the airport lounge works well for doing yoga or other simple floor exercises.

Get a Little Shut-eye

Some people consider sleeping in an airport something like sleeping on a park bench or on the street, especially during an extended layover overnight. While others don’t give this a second thought and are perfectly fine getting a little shut-eye on a terminal bench or chair. It all depends on how comfortable you are sleeping in public, what your personal experience is and whether the airport seems clean and safe. Quite a few airports these days have designated sections for sleeping or special sleeping chairs that you can comfortably take a nap in.

For all the information on which airports have special arrangements for sleepy travelers, go to

Get Yourself a Room

If you have just landed after an 8-hour flight, you’re exhausted but can’t doze off in public, then consider getting a room at an airport hotel close by, even if just for a half-day. It’s definitely worth looking into and may be less expensive than you imagine and well worth it.

Some airports also have inexpensive sleeping accommodations within their own airport terminals and they often offer bed on an hourly basis