How to Beat Long Airport Lines Effectively

How to Beat Long Airport Lines Effectively

Long airport lines can never be avoided especially when it comes to customs and security because it is part of the protocol.

There are three programs that are well-known which can be used by everyone in avoidance to long airport lines. These programs are effective in making airport passes smooth and hassle free.

TSA PreCheck

When long lines are ahead at the airport, you can never beg other passengers to let you go through first because all of them are also in a hurry. But with a TSA PreCheck, you can pass the security flawlessly and with no hassle. Unlike on an ordinary line where you need to take off your jacket, shoes, and laptop and dispersed the fluids in your baggage, in this program, you have to say goodbye to this kind of scenarios.

How to Join TSA PreCheck

  • Do a pre-register online.
  • Schedule an appointment for the interview in the program’s application center.

If you want the process to be fast, you can directly come to their center and apply. Remember to bring all the needed documents like immigration documents, birth certificate, passport and driver’s license. When you pass, you will be able to receive a “known traveler number” which you need to present at the airport. With this program, you can present your KTN to over 150 airports countrywide.


If you don’t want to line up too long for document checking, CLEAR will clearly avoid you from doing so. With this program, you can avoid waiting for hours just for an officer to check your documents because having this program, you can directly go to the security line where your iris or fingerprints and boarding pass will be checked. With CLEAR, the checking will only take five minutes and you’re good to go. When you become a member of this program, the number of airports that accept this only counts to 13.

How to Sign Up and Become a Member

  • Fill out the application form online
  • Submit the form to CLEAR’s enrollment center
  • Identity verification will follow where your iris will be scanned and your fingerprints will be taken.

The payment costs $179. If you have a child that is below 18 years old, you can freely include him or her in your membership. As for adults, the payment would be $50 per person.

Global Entry

Going into the customs lines is a big exhaustion especially if you are from a long flight. But when you are part of the Global Entry, you can now pass the lines in an instant by only showing your fingerprints and passport at the stall of the customs. There are 59 airports that accept this program. By simply taking your picture and checking if you match all the information, you will receive a receipt, which is your ticket to passing the long lines of the customs.

How to Become a Member

  • Sign up in Global Entry’s website and create your own account.
  • Fill out the form provided.
  • Pay the application fee, which is $100 and nonrefundable.
  • Once passed, you can sign in to your account after a week and make a schedule for your interview.

When you have successfully scheduled an interview, the waiting time can take up to a month due to several applications being processed.

Having these three programs will help you say goodbye to extensive airport lines whenever you are traveling.