4 Superb Tips for Beating Jet Lag

4 Superb Tips for Beating Jet Lag…

For those of you that find yourself traveling through different time zones on a regular basis, you are most likely told of how lucky you are to be traveling the world – even for business. However, there is a different story for many and one that causes huge issues for the body, mind, and everything in between – jet lag.

When we fly from the US to Europe and vice versa, our body finds it hard to adapt to the location as fast as the plane and our body clock can falter. Suddenly, the normal 24-hour cycle has been ruined and you feel hungry when you should be sleeping as well as sleepy when you need to work. When booking holidays or business trips, many people write off the first day immediately for this reason but this doesn’t have to be the case. With these tips, you can utilize the first day and have the trip of your life.

Rest on the Flight – Although the in-flight movies can be engrossing, don’t get too involved and allow yourself to drift off to them. Whether it takes a sleep mask, music, or even your favorite podcast, get yourself comfy and get some sleep. When you land, adjust your watch and your mindset and forget about what time it is at home.  

Stay Awake Upon Arrival – Of course, it will be tempting to go to bed at 5pm but this will achieve nothing. Once you wake up at 1am, you will have had your full night’s sleep at a time that doesn’t help you and you will have to go through the exact same process tomorrow. Instead, go for a walk and keep active to refuse sleep. If possible, explore the local area and hold off on the sleep until a respectable time.

Rest at Home Pre-Flight – Is it any wonder our bodies struggle to adapt…we are flying halfway around the world after all. On your last night before leaving, you need to get a very good night’s sleep. If you can, pack everything well ahead of time and prevent that hectic 24 hours that normally comes with traveling. Within the last 48 hours before your trip, you will want to slow everything right down and you will see a difference on the other side.

Jet Lag Cures – Although pharmaceuticals aren’t normally the way forward here, they can provide a last resort solution if all of the above doesn’t work. By taking a sleeping aid, you will get a good rest the night before you leave and on the plane journey itself. After this, you should be able to transition to the local time a little quicker. Of course, these will have side effects so you will need to talk to your doctor beforehand.

Summary – There we have it, four fantastic tips that will help you to beat the dreaded jet lag. As long as you suppress the symptoms, you will find it a lot easier to have an enjoyable first day!